About us

By 2040 artificial intelligence will be as smart as humans

"2040.io created a powerful tool that goes beyond your typical customer relation management program."

We are 2040 - a Krakow based company specialized in building modern IT tools that analyze daily activities and context, and assist companies in making proper business decisions.

In 2040 we look into the future

Using technology based on deep learning algorithms, we are creating a new category of software. 

We solve problems connected with data growth and complicated systems like CRM, BI. We believe that in the future users won't need to type in data manually and will have A.I. assistants that will learn from their business data and draw conclusions. We use machine learning and deep learning algorithms combined with conversational user interfaces to help Small Medium Enterprises with daily activities and business decisions. Our technology is based on microservices and operational intelligence with strong support from artificial intelligence algorithms.

How we created EDWARD

Owners of small and medium enterprises are facing many challenges that they have to cope with alone.
They make a lot of business mistakes, often do not use IT tools and management techniques, and only sometimes deepen their knowledge on the open training sessions.

We are creating an A.I. powered assistant that learns from your business data (e-mail, phone, calendar) and then uses push communication to get you insights about your business and clients. It can act as a "Invisible CRM" combining both information about customer and current business to make the most of that data and use it to increase sales.

Our solution will give entrepreneurs the IT tool to better organize their worktime, as well as provide dedicated advice and suggestions to help them achieve their goals.