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How Notes And Summaries Improve Sales Over Time

Regardless of the industry you’re in, work optimization is a crucial, multidimensional, and continuous process. It can take many forms and involve different aspects of your business operations. As far as sales optimization goes, its goal is to improve the efficiency of the sales team and thus increase the revenue. In this post, I’d like to uncover a bit of a hidden gem. Stay with me as I explain how notes and summaries are the secret sales booster.

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The six most common objections your clients may have and how to deal with them?

We all remember those visits at the grandma’s house when we couldn’t possibly eat any more food but we forced another portion of cheesecake or egg salad.

Granny could easily smash any objections you had and she didn’t care about your arguments that your tummy was full and you couldn’t even fit breadcrumbs in there.

How can we translate this into sales?

In case of the visit at the granny’s, we agreed to eat another portion because usually we didn’t want to hurt her feelings and we had a strong relationship with her. It’s not as easy with our clients. They don’t know us, they don’t trust us, and they almost always have some objections.

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Follow-up as the sales rep’s secret spell

One of the fundamental rules of business is that if you want yours to grow, you simply have to keep knocking on doors. You can’t let it drift and wait for things to happen. You have to take initiative to increase your chances of success. We all know how hard it is to find motivation from within to go that extra mile. Sales follow-ups are an excellent example of this. They have a stigma attached to them, which often makes reps avoid follow-ups to not come off as nagging. In this post, I’ll try to change your perception of the issue and thus achieve better business result. Let’s dive in!

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Why Data Is Sales Manager’s Most Important Tool (And How To Use It)

What is sales management after all? What does it involve? It sure is many things but at the base of it all are expectations of results and support provided towards achieving them. The former are usually clear-cut, but what can you do to help reps sell more? There are certain interpersonal techniques you can apply to improve the performance of particular individuals. You can also collect and analyze stats for global and detailed insights into the operations of your sales team. In this post, I’ll focus on data being sales manager’s most important asset and how to use it.

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How to successfully close sales deals? The 5 champion sales strategies which will help you finalise transactions.

An MMA fighter enters the ring. This very moment is the last stage of preparations which begun several months earlier. Analysing tactics, getting into shape and polishing technique. All this to end the fight with your arm raised in the air. But nobody really cares how hard you’ve trained. The only thing that counts is the result.

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3D render of a robot with a graph chart
3D render of a robot with a graph chart

How to increase the efficiency of a sales division using artificial intelligence?

Let’s imagine a typical workday at your sales department. Most often it is filled by meetings and sales calls. Because of the increased mobility of employees, a large proportion of tasks is carried out outside of your office.

In such an environment, the sales director needs to analyse a huge amount of data from many different sources… Working this way forces the use of CRMs which make it simpler to register activities and draw conclusions later. But salespeople don’t always like to use them. Why not?

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