How it works

Your A.I. powered sales assistant helping you to sell more!

Never miss a sales opportunity

EDWARD will help you to boost your sales! He will analyze your daily sales activities and generate advice related to your business. Thanks to this you will know more about new sales opportunities.

Always know who to call next

Have you ever promised to call and forgot to do so? The "follow-up" function will allow you to save a reminder once in a call and assign it to the person you are talking to.

Automated to-do lists with morning briefings

Based on your tasks, scheduled meetings, telephones and e-mails EDWARD will generate a friendly document that you receive every morning.

No manual data entry

Our algorithm combines various sources of your data automatically, so you no longer need to enter it manually.

E-mail data integration

Thanks to e-mail integration EDWARD will know more about you and will try to figure out how you can improve yourself to sell more!

How EDWARD can help you

Imagine your typical business day. You start with a plan, but then you have lot of incoming data: e-mails, messages, phone calls, business meetings... not to mention the distractions! This may cause you to miss some sales opportunities or important information about your customers.

And how about making everything simplier? How about having an assistant in your phone that watches your company’s e-mails, contacts and meetings and makes suggestions about upcoming possibilities?

EDWARD connects various data sources and learns from them to provide you the best possible advices. And the more you use it, the better it will be in the future.

Artificial intelligence in service of sales

We use both machine learning algorithms and sales expert support to keep you informed about your sales process. And you don't have to enter your data manually - we can read it automatically from your inbox, phone calls, calendar or existing CRM.

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I gather your business data
and learn from it

Communicate with you
using chat-like interface

And provide push messages with insights and advices