It's both simple and sophisticated!

We use both machine learning algorithms and sales experts support to keep you informed about your sales process. And you don't have to enter your data manually - we can read it automatically from your inbox, phone calls, calendar or existing CRM.

I gather your business data
and learn from it

Communicate with you
using chat-like interface

And provide push messages with insights and advices

Conversational user interface

This type of interface uses natural way of communication based on talk. The most popular kind of CUI is natural speech, but due to convenience and technological limitations we use chat-like interface.

2040 CUI Platform

We own the software platform, which gives us the possibility to build applications based on conversation and "hybrid like" interfaces. That means that we can upgrade traditional chat with graphical user interface elements, which makes communication and interaction much more easier.


Our platform built with Event-Driven Architecture and Microservices allows us to easily integrate it with any other software capable of connecting with our API.