Smart reminders

reminders are not enough

Edward will make sure that you do your job

Reminders released by Edward let you remember your declarations or decisions. You will not forget to call the customer, send him an e-mail or prepare for the meeting.

However, that’s not all – in the end you also need to remember to set a specific reminder. Our assistant will take care of it.

there must always be the next step

Setting up follow-ups

Leading the client through the sales process, ALWAYS IS THE NEXT STEP. Even when the client declares that he has to check something, talk to someone, gain approval from the board and that he will speak to us, he will … probably not (unless he has his Edward).
That’s why the assistant puts a lot of pressure to decide on the date of the next conversation after each contact.

We guarantee – you’ll thank him for it.


Let's test our assistant!

You have 7 days to test our assistant!
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